Loupe View provides an unbiased analysis of your
professional relationships: past, present and future

Loupe View examines your business needs and matches you with the best professional(s) available.   With over 30 years of finance, business and legal experience, Loupe View will not only examine potential biases, conflicts and excess charges, we will provide options for the best professional services for your budget.

As you reflect upon your business relationships:

Consider how and why you hired your accountant, your attorney, consultants and/or business advisors. Is it someone you’ve worked with for years? A friend’s brother-in-law? The founder’s old golfing buddy?

Consider how your business enters into professional service agreements. Have you conducted a thorough evaluation of your options? Do you periodically put the work out to bid? How are key stakeholders engaged in the process? Is your head of legal services or human resources director getting wined and dined for advantage in the bidding process?

Why it matters:

Conducting an unbiased analysis of your professional relationships is an important risk-management activity that can optimize your profitability and prevent potential reputational damage to your organization.

Why “Loupe View”?

A loupe is a magnification device used by jewelers. It is designed to aid the trained eye in finding any and all flaws and imperfections. It is essential that you find a jeweler who has no bias or partiality – you must get an objective and absolute valuation of your asset, free from any outside influence or conflict of interest. Loupe View approaches every engagement like an unbiased jeweler scrutinizing a diamond. We conduct thorough, detailed examinations of your professional relationships, highlight areas of waste and/or other potential risks, and provide recommendations for change.

About Us

Over 30 years of finance, business and legal experience

Krister D. Johnson, J.D.

An undergrad emphasis in finance and ethics, coupled with 25 years of legal practice in insurance and business litigation, I am uniquely qualified to deliver a focused analysis of your professional needs for the desired budget. Financially independent, I won’t be influenced by anything other than an impartial duty to your organization. I invite you to contact me for a free consultation.

Key positions:

  • Minnesota Supreme Court Appointment: Chair of the Seventh District Bar Association Ethics Committee
  • Neutral Arbitrator, American Arbitration Association 
  • President, Neighborhood University Community Council
  • President and Founder, Loupe View, LLC
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